Someone tied a crocodile on a bike, then someone was seen playing, the video went viral

Who are these people?- India TV Hindi

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Who are these people?

A motorcycle or vehicle is designed for the convenience of humans. If you have to go somewhere far then these resources are very useful for you. Many times a person also carries goods on a bike and a car. But have you ever seen someone ride a crocodile on a bike? By the way, have you ever seen someone exercising while hanging from the back of a car? We also had not seen it before today. But now a video is going viral in which some people are seen doing such acts.

Where do such people come from?

Nowadays, a video is going viral on social media in which some people are seen doing very strange things. In the viral video, you will first see a man strapping a crocodile to a bike and riding the bike while sitting on it. Not only this, in the next part of the video, you will see a person exercising by hanging from the back of a car. The video is not over yet. You will then see a man sitting on a bike wearing a tire like a bead. After that he is riding a bike. Now tell me how much, you watch the video yourself.

Watch this viral video

How did people react?

The viral video was shared by the page @NoContextHumans on the micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter). The video was posted on October 3 and has been viewed by 11 million people as of this writing. After watching the viral video, people have also made many comments. A man said brother is a heavy driver. So another person said – these are the wonders of the world.

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