Video | 3 Russian couples get married in Hindu style, complete seven rounds at Ashram in Haridwar

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3 Russian couples got married according to Hindu customs.

Haridwar: You may have seen many high profile weddings with foreign culture and new traditions but today we are going to tell you about 3 Russian couples getting married in Hindu customs. These three Russian couples liked Indian traditions so much that they got married according to Hindu rituals at an ashram in Haridwar. Seeing desi tunes played by a desi band and foreign girls dancing to them felt like a musical event but all this happened during the wedding of 3 Russian couples.

The Russians had reached Haridwar on a spiritual journey.

The Russian citizens got married in the Vedic style in the courtyard of Akhand Pramadham Ashram in the religious city of Haridwar. Swami Pramananda Giri, president and senior saint of Akhand Paramadham Ashram, has many followers abroad. These foreign followers also visit the Ashram in Haridwar. A few days ago, a group of 50 Russian nationals had reached Haridwar on a spiritual journey. All of them learned about Indian culture through yoga and meditation here. After coming face-to-face with Indian culture, three couples from the Russian team were so impressed that they decided to get married according to Hindu customs.

The couple performed 7 rounds amidst Vedic chanting

According to senior saint Swami Pramananda Giri, Russian citizens, influenced by the family system of India, decided to marry according to the Vedic tradition. All the customs were observed during the marriage. Dressed in traditional red sherwanis and turbans, the three grooms were taken out in a procession in which their companions danced to Indian tunes. The enthusiasm of the Russian citizens in the wedding procession was palpable. The bride and groom took blessings in the Lord’s temple and garlanded each other. Then, while chanting Vedic mantras, they made 7 rounds of fire as witnesses and promised to be with each other for life. (Reporting by: Sunil Dutt Pandey)

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