Come to Brij Bhoomi this weekend and witness the splendor of Sanjhi Mahotsav.

Sanjhi Mahotsav Celebration - India TV Hindi

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Celebration of Sanjhi Mahotsav

If you are planning to travel somewhere this weekend, you can visit Brijbhoomi to witness the Sanjhi Mahotsav. In Braj Bhoomi this festival is celebrated continuously for 16 days of Patra Paksha. In fact, there is a folk art and culture behind this festival which attempts to display the images of Radharani and Krishna outside the house with colors. This art was started by Shriradhaji. In this, an attempt is made to invoke Radhiji by making rangoli outside the house in the evening.

Sanjhi art depicts the love relationship of Radhakrishna.

Sanjhi art depicts the love relationship of Radhakrishna. This is explained in detail. Although it looks similar to rangoli, it is slightly different from it. It is said that Radha used to do this. Radha would call upon Krishna by arranging flowers and try to please him. Now in Pratapaksha an attempt has been made to invoke Radhaji through this art. There is also the thought behind this that Radha is the goddess of the constellation and that Radha is carrying on her tradition in her memory even though she is not here.

Sanjhi festival

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Sanjhi festival

A river between beautiful glistening rocks, you will feel like you are in a foreign land. Bollywood people are also crazy about this place.

Every day a new Sanjhi is made in the temples.

On this occasion, Sanjhi of flowers, Sanjhi of dung, Sanjhi of dry colors, Sanjhi under water and Sanjhi above water are made in the temples. Also every year there is a different theme behind this Sanjhi.

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You can visit these temples.

To see Sanjhi art, you can visit the legendary Brahmakund temple in Vrindavan. You will find this art in Barsana. You can also see this art in Sri Radha Raman Temple. So, this time before the end of Pratapaksha you can go for Sanjhi Mahotsav in Brij Bhoomi.

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