A drunken youth urinated on an elderly couple in Samprak Kranti Express.

Drunk youth pees on elderly couple – India TV Hindi

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Drunk youth peed on elderly couple.

Jhansi: Incidents of urinating on fellow passengers while traveling are on the rise. By now you must have heard of passengers urinating on airplanes. But this time a similar case of urinating on a passenger in the train has come to light. On the night of Wednesday October 4, a drunkard urinated on an elderly couple in the Samprak Kranti Express train from Manakpur to Delhi. The drunken young man did not obey despite repeated requests from the elderly scientist and his wife. After that both of them raised noise after which TTE reached there and handed over the intoxicated youth to RPF at Jhansi station.

It is being told that retired senior scientist Dr. GN Khare along with his wife Usha Khare was going to Hazrat Nizamuddin from Harpalpur Madhya Pradesh late at night. He was traveling in AC coach B-3 of the Uttar Pradesh Samprak Kranti Express. Ritesh, a resident of Qutb Bihar South West New Delhi, was also traveling from Mahobah to Hazrat Nizamuddin on seat number 63 of the side lower berth of the same coach. The train was about to reach Jhansi station when the accused committed the crime.

Ritesh got down from the seat and started urinating

The senior scientist said that Ritesh got down from the seat in a drunken state and started urinating on him. They tried to stop the accused youths but the youths did not obey and kept urinating on the lower berth of both. After that, when he raised the alarm, the other passengers woke up and informed the train’s TTE. TTE immediately reached the spot and informed the Jhansi station control room. After which the RPF caught the accused youth and a case was registered against him.

Arrested in Jhansi

In this case, RPF station in-charge Ravinder Keshik said that there was a report of mistreatment of the scientist and his wife in the Samprak Kranti Express from Manakpur to Hazrat Nizamuddin. When the train reached Jhansi, the accused youth was arrested. Action has been taken against him under the Railway Act.

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