Gold and silver prices rise due to war between Israel and Hamas, know today’s rates.

Today’s gold and silver rates: The impact of the war between Israel and Hamas is being seen on the Indian stock market as well as the commodity market. The prices of gold and silver have increased tremendously. Gold and silver registered big gains in the multi-commodity exchange on Monday.

Gold rates on MCX

Gold opened at Rs 57,000 per 10 grams today on the Multi Commodity Exchange, but later added 1.18 percent to Rs 57,540 per 10 grams. The intraday high was Rs 57,561 per 10 grams. While the price of gold per ounce in the international market was 1850 dollars.

The price of silver

On the other hand, silver on MCX opened at Rs 68,740 per kg and jumped 1.12% to Rs 68,932 per kg. The intraday high was Rs 69,200 per kg. The price of silver in the world market was 21.80 dollars per ounce.

Effects of the Israeli-Palestinian War

The war between Israel and Palestine has increased the demand for gold. Investors are thinking of investing in gold and silver. Apart from this, others are being told that they may turn to gold and silver by selling equities, mutual funds and other assets. In such a situation, the price of gold may reach higher levels in the coming days.

Apart from war, prices can rise due to these reasons.

Apart from the Israel-Palestine war, US PPI, CPI data, inflation rate and China trade balance and CPI data may increase the price of gold. Also, falling dollar value will make gold and silver shine.

Gold can reach high levels.

Due to war and all the above reasons, the price of gold and silver can rise sharply. Gold price can cross 58 thousand and silver price can cross 70 thousand level.

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