Inspector fired 3 shots at pregnant wife for asking her to use mobile phone.

Shashank Mishra- India TV Hindi.

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Shashank Mishra married Shalani in 2021.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi, a sub-inspector shot his pregnant wife three times with a service pistol and seriously injured him. Two bullets passed through wife Shalini Mishra’s hand and one bullet hit her stomach. In a critical condition, the sub-inspector admitted him to the Jhansi Medical College and escaped from there. The action of the inspector has created a stir in the police department.

The marriage took place only 2 years ago.

Sub-inspector Shashank Mishra is in-charge of Bangra outpost of Uldan police station in Jhansi, where he lives in a rented house with his wife. He got married just 2 years ago to Shalini, a resident of Jhansi. According to her parents, around Rs 40 lakh was spent on the wedding. Even after marriage, Shashank used to demand additional dowry. There were constant quarrels between the two since their marriage. Because of this, late on Sunday night, Shashank fired three shots at his wife from his official pistol, injuring her severely.

She ran to the neighbor’s house to save her life.

According to Shalani, Shashank had gone to Jhansi to meet his brother and mother. From there he returned to Bangra at around 11.30 pm and started using the phone. When the pregnant wife stopped him, he took out an official pistol from the cupboard and shot him three times. One touched the waist and passed away while two touched the hand. Due to which she was seriously injured. She did not give up and ran to the neighbor’s house to save her life. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Jhansi Medical College.

Mother-in-law said – 25 lakhs in cash was given as dowry.

There, the parents of the injured wife are making many serious allegations against the inspector’s family. Shalini’s mother said that she gave Rs 25 lakh as dowry. 50 rings were demanded and Shashank became angry when they were not given. The daughter was often tortured by her in-laws. The police are still refusing to comment on the whole matter. After about 9 hours, the police took the inspector into custody.

(Report – Akash Rathore)

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