The man filled petrol worth Rs 1,000 at the petrol pump, then drove away without paying.

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Image source: India TV
The car is running full of petrol.

Gwalior: A shocking video has emerged from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. At a petrol pump here, a car driver filled petrol worth Rs 1000 and then drove away without paying. Meanwhile, the pipe through which petrol was being filled with the vehicle was also uprooted. The video of the car driver’s action was recorded in the CCTV camera, after which the pump employees complained to the police station.

What’s the whole deal?

The case is of Birla Nagar in Hazira police station area. Here at night a white Swift car came to fill petrol at the petrol pump. While filling petrol, the car driver started talking to the pump attendant as soon as he sat in the car. When it was time to pay, the car driver drove away. Meanwhile, the pipe through which the petrol was being filled was also uprooted. However, this action of the car driver was captured in the CCTV and the petrol pump employees have filed a complaint in the police station. (Reporting by: Bhupinder Singh)

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