The family of this actress was killed by terrorists in Israel.

Madhura Nayak Hindi - Indian TV Hindi.

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Actress Madhura Naik (left) and her sister and brother-in-law (right) with their children.

The attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has caused a stir all over the world. The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7, in which hundreds of innocent people lost their lives. But the cruelty is not stopping. Several heart-wrenching videos from the war-torn region are emerging on social media. Meanwhile, another such heartbreaking news is coming out regarding the Palestinian war against Israel.

Madhura Naik shared the video and expressed her grief.

It is being told that the relatives of Madhura Naik, the Nagan fame of the TV industry, have also been killed by Hamas terrorists. This information has been given by Madhura Naik herself by sharing a video. In the video, he said that he had lost family members in the war between Israel and Hamas. In the video, the actress describes the pain of losing her family and says – ‘I am Madhura Naik, a Jewess born in India. There are only 3000 of us in India, before 7th October we lost a daughter and a son from our family. My sister Odia and her husband were killed, that too in front of their two children. Further, Madhura Naik says that I cannot describe in words the pain and suffering my family is facing at this time, today Israel is in pain, children, women and old people are burning in the fire of Hamas.

Fighting between Hamas and Israel has been going on since October 7.

Let us tell you that on the morning of October 7, Hamas attacked Israel, in which hundreds of people lost their lives. According to media reports, around 900 people have lost their lives so far in these painful attacks in Israel. At the same time, after the attacks of Hamas on Israel, Israel has also taken severe countermeasures. The Gaza Strip has turned into a fierce war. Israel has launched fresh attacks not only on the Gaza Strip but also on the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. About 1600 people have been killed on both sides in this war. On the other hand, the blockade in Gaza has increased the difficulties of aid campaigning organizations that are busy helping ordinary people.

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