3 sisters were extorting money from passengers in trains by pretending to be transgenders, then something happened…

All three became fake eunuchs...- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
The three sisters who pretended to be fake transgenders were arrested and taken to the police station.

In UP, some women disguised as prostitutes were extorting money from passengers on trains between Kanpur and Farrukhabad. When passengers identified him as a woman, he would empty their pockets by threatening to implicate them in a lawsuit. In this regard, when the RPF inspector received information that some women were extorting money from the passengers in the Gorakhpur Junction-Bandra Terminus Antyodia Express. After that, the station in-charge laid siege to the Farrukhabad railway station. When the three sisters were caught during the checking, they started rioting, after which they were arrested and taken to the police station.

The RPF inspector surrounded the train.

Farrukhabad The RPF station in-charge of the railway station, Virender Kumar Singh, received information that three women were threatening and cheating passengers on the Gorakhpur Junction-Bandra Terminus Antodia Express and pretending to be eunuchs. After that, Virender Singh along with lady constables Shabnam Rana, Renuka Kumawat, constables Kishore, Mahendra etc laid siege to the station. As soon as the train stopped at the railway station, a search was conducted. When the three women were asked to get off the train, they started a ruckus. After that, they were taken off the train and taken to the police station and while taking legal action, the three sisters were medically examined at the Lohia District Hospital.

A case has been registered against three sisters who became fake eunuchs

Ajith’s wife Nilu, his unmarried sister Mayo and Nidhi, who are residents of Sargwan Duroli village in Ghatampur police station area of ​​Kanpur district, have been arrested, the police station in-charge said. A case has been registered against them under the provisions of the Railway Act.

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