Sir Sultan Ahmed: The first Indian Vice-Chancellor of Patna University, whose legacy is fading.

Exactly 100 years ago today, renowned barrister Sir Sultan Ahmed assumed charge as the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of Patna University. Many historic educational institutions of Patna University were born during the glorious era of Ahmed. The once famous Patna University has lost its luster in the last few decades. It came into existence on October 1, 1917 and was founded by J. Yes. Jennings became the first vice-chancellor of the university. Ahmed, a law scholar, became the third Vice-Chancellor of the University and assumed charge on 15 October 1923. He held the post till 11 November 1930, one of the longest tenures in the history of Patna University according to archival records. Among the institutes established in Patna University during Ahmed’s vice-chancellorship were Patna Science College, Bihar College of Engineering (now NIT-Patna), Prince of Wales Medical College and Hospital (renamed Patna Medical College and Hospital after independence). kept hospital) and spring included. and Orissa Veterinary College (now Bihar Veterinary College).

Former Vice Chancellor of Patna University RBP Singh praised Ahmed and his great legacy. During Singh’s reign, Patna University completed 100 years of its establishment. “He was an eminent barrister and had held various important posts in the then British government,” Singh told PTI. Sir Sultan’s name is also written in history as the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of Patna University and his contribution to the development of the University is unparalleled, as during his tenure educational institutions related to engineering, medicine, science and veterinary medicine were established. were done.’ ‘Patna Science College was established in 1927 and was later shifted to a complex of beautiful buildings with state-of-the-art laboratories. The new premises were inaugurated by the then Viceroy Lord Irvine on 15 November 1928.

VH Jackson, the famous Professor of Physics at Patna College (established in 1863, later under Patna University), became the first Principal of Patna Science College and owes its institutional legacy to his vision. Later he became the second Vice-Chancellor of Patna University. His tenure as Vice-Chancellor lasted from 16 October 1920 to 14 October 1923. The Bihar College of Engineering was established in 1924, the Prince of Wales Medical College and Hospital (now PMCH) was established in 1925, and the foundation stone of the Bihar and Orissa Veterinary College was laid by the then Governor Sir Henry Wheeler. Province, on 2nd April 1927. He formally inaugurated the Prince of Wales Medical College and Hospital, which was first conceived in 1921, on 25 February 1927.

According to archive records, the university’s large senate hall – Wheeler Senate House – was inaugurated in 1926 by Sir Henry Wheeler, who also laid its foundation stone in 1925. An old photograph of Ahmed along with Mahatma Gandhi and first President Rajendra Prasad and others still adorns the walls of the Senate House. A plaque in the university also mentions that the Senate House was conceived during the tenure of the then Vice-Chancellor Sir Sultan Ahmed and was donated by Raja Devkandan Prasad Singh of Monghyr (now Monghyr in Bihar) during 1925-26. was made was built by Alamdar Hussain, Ahmed’s great-grandson and a lawyer in the Patna High Court, lamented that his great-grandfather’s legacy has been forgotten by those in power and the common people.

He said that it is good that they have written his name in a plaque. But, he was the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of Patna University, how much does anyone talk about his life and legacy today? Ahmad built the Sultan Palace in Patna in 1922 as his grand residence, his last The year was vandalized. The execution is currently located in the Sultan Palace, the office of the state transport department. Demolition work has stopped due to court order. Alamdar Hussain said, “We hope people will come forward to save Sir Sultan’s palace and the wonderful heritage he has left for future generations.

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