95% of the MGNREGA budget expenditure, the government will add another Rs 40,000 crore to it.

There is good news for people connected with MNREGA scheme. The government is going to add additional funds to the MGNREGA budget. 95% of the budget for the current financial year has already been released, which has been utilized and now the Center wants to increase it further.

According to a Financial Express report, the central government will soon provide an additional Rs 30,000 to 40,000 crore. Apart from this, the government is also considering to curb the increasing incidents of rigging. Additional allocations will be approved for the first demand for grants to be tabled in the winter session of Parliament in December.

How much was spent under the scheme?

The report said that the government scheme will be run smoothly without any disruption. The central government has so far released 95 percent of the budget estimate of Rs 56,994 crore or Rs 60,000 crore for FY 2024. Rs 66,704 crore has been spent till October 15 of the current financial year as against Rs 67,403 crore.

There are still five months left in this financial year. In such a situation, the budget expenses can reach from 90 thousand rupees to 1 trillion rupees. The official said that the work given to the people could be worth around 3 billion rupees. However, there will be no impact on the fiscal deficit.

How much work was done?

So far in FY24, 1.93 billion man-days of work have been provided under this scheme. 2.94 billion person days were given in fiscal year 2023, while 3.63 billion were given in fiscal year 2022 and a record 3.89 billion workdays were given in fiscal year 2021. According to official data, job demand for the month fell to 18.5 million in September 2023 from 33.7 million in June.

The increase in salary will also increase the budget.

The government has also increased the salaries under MNREGA. In such a case, the budget of this scheme may increase further. The average salary so far in FY 24 was Rs 237.96, which was Rs 217.9 in FY 23, Rs 208.84 in FY 22, Rs 200.71 in FY 2021 and Rs 182.09 in FY 2020.

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