Savi will narrate Virat Sai’s story of losing someone’s love, Ishaan’s eyes will be moist.

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Lost in someone’s love

The episode of ‘Gum Hai Kiske Pyaar Mein’ starts with Smita and Shikha. Sreekha worries everyone about Ishaan and says that they don’t know where he is and what will be his condition. Everyone gets worried for Ishaan after listening to Sreekha. Shantanu asks Nashu to stay at home and he leaves to look for Ishaan. On the other hand, Savi tells the story of Virat Sai liking Ishaan, hearing which Ishaan gets emotional.

Ishaan-Savi spent time together.

Savu puts the bed sheet on the floor. She asks Ishaan to sleep on the bed and she sleeps on the floor. Ishaan will tell her that no you can’t sleep on the floor. Savi sleeps on the other side of the bed. She tells him that she can’t sleep in bed when her lecture is sleeping on the floor. Ishaan asks if she really respects him. Savi says I respect you, but you don’t understand.

Ishaan will fulfill Savi’s dream.
Ishaan asks Savi if her grandmother didn’t love her. Savi says his grandmother loves him, but she shows it in different ways. She says my aunt wants me to get married and settle but I don’t want. Isha Meem saved me from all this. Savi tells her that as per her parents’ wishes, she has to fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS officer and her house will be inherited by her grandparents. Ishaan says he will help her to fulfill her dream.

Savi will appeal for help.
Ishaan tells her that it is a girls hostel so it doesn’t look good. He says before coming here he sent a voice note to Shukla, so when he sees the voice note he will come to help us, but Shukla is busy sleeping at home.

Trouble befell Ishaan
Ishaan saw a rat in the room. He gets scared and asks Savi to catch him. Savi asks why she is scared seeing a small mouse. Ishaan requests to hold her. Savi catches him and throws him out.

The story of Sai Virat
Ishaan asks Savi why she is so stubborn. Savi says that she got this stubbornness from her mother. Savi tells him about her parents and that she saw them till their death. She tells him that she didn’t drop out even though her elder sister was against it. Ishaan was shocked. Shantanu calls Shukla. Shukla attended the call and asked what happened? Shantanu asks Shukla if Ishaan is in college or not.

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