Sunny Deol is also very angry in real life, sometimes he rips his pocket and sometimes he strangles someone else.

Sunny Deol’s fight with co-stars: Sometimes he showed his hand of two and a half kilos, sometimes he went to Pakistan and raised slogans of India Zindabad in front of Pakistanis. Sometimes he questioned the history of the courts for justice and sometimes expressed the strength of the hands of the workers. With his passion and enthusiasm on the big screen, Sunny Deol has created a world where people are filled with excitement even before watching his films. We are talking about Sunny Deol, who won the hearts of the world with his anger on the big screen. Born on October 19, 1957 in Sahaniwal, Punjab, Sunny Deol has been quite angry in real life as well. Many of his co-stars suffered the consequences. In this birthday special, let us introduce you to Sunny Deol’s angry stories.

When Shah Rukh’s ‘fear’ came into Sunny’s head

Let us tell you that Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan were seen for the first time in the film Dar. This was at a time when Sunny Deol was among the veteran actors and Shah Rukh was struggling to make it in the industry. In the film Dar, Sunny Deol was the hero and Shah Rukh played the role of the villain. As the shooting of the film progressed, Sunny Deol began to worry that the villain had more screen time than the hero.

I tore my pocket in anger.

Sunny Deol got very angry because the villain got more attention than the hero in the movie Fear. He promised not to work with Yash Chopra again. It is said that when Sunny Deol was unable to express himself on the film sets, he kept his hands in his jeans pockets. Meanwhile, he clenched his fist so hard that his pocket burst. It is said that Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan had a fight over screen time. The two did not speak to each other for almost 16 years.

When Sunny Deol strangled Anil Kapoor.

During the year 1986, Sunny Deol first worked with Anil Kapoor in the film Ram Avatar. In a scene of this film, Sunny Deol had to strangle Anil Kapoor. Sunny Deol got so confused in this scene that he choked Anil Kapoor very hard. Anil Kapoor got so angry after this scene that he created a ruckus on the sets. Anil alleged that Sunny Deol did this on purpose.

When Anil Kapoor started spitting on Sunny Deol’s face.

After the movie Ram Avatar, the tension between Sunny Deol and Anil Kapoor increased. However, both the actors appeared together once again in the film ‘Antakam’. In one scene of this film, both had to shout at each other. It is said that Sunny Deol and Anil Kapoor came very close to each other making noise. Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor started spitting on Sunny Deol’s face while speaking a dialogue, after which a huge fight ensued between the two. The dispute was somehow resolved by the staff members.

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