Tears will not stop at the sight of such destruction in Gaza, searching for loved ones in the rubble of shattered buildings.

The dead are searching for their loved ones under the rubble of buildings destroyed by Israeli bombardment in Gaza.- India TV Hindi

Image Source: Ministry of Palestine
People searching for their loved ones buried under the rubble of buildings destroyed by Israeli bombardment in Gaza.

Gaza’s skyscrapers are destroyed by Israeli bombardment. Huge buildings have been reduced to rubble due to bombs and missiles. Thousands of bodies are buried under this debris. There are still hopes of some of these bodies being brought back to life. With these hopes, people are desperately searching for their loved ones in the rubble and ruins. If we see any movement in someone’s body or appear unconscious or have difficulty breathing, we rush to the hospital. The city of Khan Yunis in Gaza has also been destroyed by Israeli bombardment. Here too, people are conducting a search operation in the rubble to see if their loved ones are alive or not.

If one feels alive, it seems as if life has spared him a lot, but looking at dead bodies whose bodies do not move, it seems as if Israel has dropped another bomb on the chest of their loved ones. People are getting traumatized as the bodies arrive. Amid the screams, the search for survivors in the wreckage continues. Such pictures can tear one’s heart. In the photos, it can be clearly seen that the structures of the buildings have been blown away in the bomb blast, as if they were made of paper. These large buildings can be seen scattered like cards in the bombardment.

People are desperate for food and medicine.

All those who survived or were injured in the bombing are desperate for medicine and food. There is no water to drink and no food. There are no doctors, no beds, no medicine, no treatment in hospitals. So people are cleaning the blood and wounds of the injured and bandaging them with cloth. Later he is taken to the hospital with hopeful eyes. Dozens of hospitals in Gaza have also been destroyed by bombing or more than half of their structures have been damaged. More than 2 dozen hospitals are closed. The rest do not have enough medicines and equipment. Due to which it is becoming difficult to save the lives of the injured and the survivors from the pile of debris.

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