Israel’s biggest announcement during the war, reported – plans for Gaza after Hamas is defeated

Gaza destroyed by Israeli attack.  - India TV Hindi.

Image source: AP
Gaza destroyed by Israeli attack.

The biggest news of the time regarding the Israeli occupation of Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war has come out. The whole world fears that the Israeli army will take control of Gaza after the victory. But in the meantime, Israeli Defense Minister Yves Gallant has revealed his plan regarding Gaza. of Gallant According to him, the Israeli army has no plans to control the lives of people in the Gaza Strip after eliminating Hamas.

The Israeli military said on Friday that it has no plans to control life in Gaza after destroying Hamas. Defense Minister Yves Gallant’s comments were the first time an Israeli leader discussed his long-term plans for Gaza. Gallant said Israel expects its war with Hamas to have three phases. He said that the army will attack the Hamas group in Gaza first through airstrikes and then on the ground. The army will then defeat the Hamas resistance areas and finally we will end our “responsibility for life in the Gaza Strip”. This means that Israel will not take control of Gaza again.

Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the US President’s proposal

It is clear that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted the American President’s words by announcing the plan of the Israeli Defense Minister not to control the lives of the people of Gaza after the end of Hamas. It is noteworthy that after the intensification of operations against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, US President Joe Biden said that if Israel takes control of Gaza after victory, it will be a big international mistake. Biden said that Israel should not think about controlling the lives of the people of the region after conquering Gaza and eliminating Hamas terrorists.

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