Gagnian mission launch: Five seconds before take-off, Gagnian test was called off, ISRO chief said

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The test launch of the Gagnian was postponed.

The mission will begin.: The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has postponed the test launch of Gagnan just before take-off. Initially its launch was delayed due to bad weather but later the launch was postponed. ISRO chief S. Somnath cited a technical glitch as the reason for the postponement of the launch.

Will remove the shortcomings – Somnath

Explaining the reason for stopping the test launch of this mission, ISRO chief S. Somnath said – ‘The lift-off attempt could not be done today. The vehicle is completely safe. We will resume it soon. There are some technical glitches. The computer that is working has stopped launching. We will fix these bugs and schedule the launch soon.

Change in time due to bad weather

The test launch of the Gagnian mission was scheduled to take place between 7 am and 9 am today, but the launch time was changed due to bad weather. First 8.30 am and later it was increased to 8.45 am. The countdown was then stopped just five seconds before launch. The hold command from the computer was coming to the count screen just five seconds ago. Sometime later, ISRO chief S Somnath announced that the launch was being postponed due to technical glitches. The launch date will be announced once the bugs are ironed out.

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