As soon as the tickets were cut, the BJP MLA started crying, his wife also couldn’t hold back her tears. Watch the video

BJP MLA- India TV Hindi.

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While talking to the media, Panchulal’s wife was also sitting with him.

In Madhya Pradesh this time, BJP has canceled the tickets of more than 29 MLAs. On the one hand, the period of protest over ticket cancellation has started, on the other hand, many MLAs have started crying in front of their supporters. Opposition has started against Gopal Singh, the candidate announced by the BJP for the Ashta assembly seat of Sehore district. About this, BJP MLA Raghunath Singh Malviya while addressing the workers in Ashta became emotional and started crying.

Rebellious behavior as soon as the ticket is cut

Meanwhile, Panchulal Prajapati, BJP MLA from Mangaon assembly in Rewa district, felt pain and cried after his ticket was cancelled. The party has made Narendra Prajapati its candidate in his place. After the ticket was cancelled, he expressed his pain in front of the media. He said that he will contest from BJP on his wife’s ticket and if the party does not consider his views, then he will contest as an independent. While talking to the media, Panchulal’s wife was also sitting with him.

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Rajkumar Ahir started crying on stage

BJP MLA Rajesh Prajapati burst into tears after his ticket was canceled from Chandla seat in Chhatarpur district. BJP has canceled the ticket of MLA Rajesh Prajapati and given ticket to Dilip Ahirwar. There is a lot of opposition to the candidate announced by the Congress in Jawad assembly seat of Neemuch district. Local Congress workers are opposing the ticket to Samudra Patel. One of the ticket contenders, Rajkumar Ahir, started crying on the stage.

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