Dussehra 2023: These 5 Dussehra Financial Lessons Can Make You Rich

5 Financial Lessons to Learn from Dussehra - India TV Paisa
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The festival of Dussehra is being celebrated in a grand manner across the country. Dussehra is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. Buying a car, heating a house and investing are considered very good on this day. Along with this, this festival gives us many lessons, by following which one can become rich as well as achieve his financial goals easily.

The victory of good over evil

Dussehra is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. Similarly, in the lure of higher returns, investors should not run after companies with poor balance sheets and inconsistent market cap valuations. One should always choose companies that have good balance sheets and good valuations.

Make a proper plan and follow it.

Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana was due to his planning and implementing the right strategy. Similarly, any investor should adopt and implement a proper plan while building his portfolio.

Don’t let success overwhelm you.

A major reason for Ravana’s defeat was his arrogance. This was because his success got the best of him. It is often seen in investing that after making good money in a share, the investor’s greed gets to his head and he commits a mistake. The money he earned from it. He drowns.

Don’t underestimate anyone

Ravana was very powerful. Meanwhile Rama was spending his exile. Despite this, Rama defeated Ravana with his monkey army. The same happens in the market. In terms of giving you profits, the big popular stocks lag far behind the smaller stocks.

Be persistent

Any investor should take the investment decision carefully. After taking a decision, don’t act in a hurry if the profit is low. Because to get good returns in any share one has to stay invested. Only then will you get the benefit of it.

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