The country’s biggest rawan will burn in Panchkula, costing Rs 18 lakh – watch the video

Ravana's biggest effigy to be burnt - India TV Hindi

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The biggest effigy of Ravana will be burnt.

The festival of Dussehra i.e. Vijaya Dashmi is being celebrated across the country today on October 24. Effigies of Ravana and his two brothers Meghnath and Kumbhakaran are burnt at many places on this day. This is done to show the victory of good over evil. This time the country’s largest effigy of Ravana has been made in Panchkula, Haryana, which will be burnt. This 171 feet statue of Ravana has become a center of attraction across the country.

The grand ceremony of burning the effigy of Ravana

A grand ceremony of burning this huge effigy of Ravana will be held at the Shalimar Ground in Sector-5, Panchkula. This 171 feet tall statue of Ravana cost around Rs 18 lakh to make. This grand event is jointly organized by Shri Mata Mansa Devi Charitable Trust (Dussehra Committee) and Shri Adarsh ​​Ram Leela Dramatic Club of Panchkula. The giant statue of Ravana is installed with the help of a crane.

25 artisans have created this sculpture.

25 artisans were busy making this Ravana for the last three months. About 25 quintals of iron, 500 pieces of bamboo, 3000 meters of mats, 3500 meters of cloth and 1 quintal of fiber were used to make this statue of Ravana. It has eco-friendly firecrackers brought from Tamil Nadu. Ravan is completely eco-friendly and this Ravan will be lit by remote. The record for making the tallest effigy of Ravana is held by Tejinder Singh Rana of Bara village. He has been making Ravana for the past 35 years.

– Report by Aming Shevran

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