If you follow these words of Swami Ramdev, you will not suffer from kidney related diseases.

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The festive season is on. You must have had a lot of fun on Navratri. Dandiya, Ram Leela, Dussehra and now five days later is Karva Chauth, then Dhanteras-Diwali Bhya Doj, Chhath Puja and the next three months are all fun. During such a festive season, there is excitement everywhere. While the variety of sweets and dishes in the market attract the mind, there are also many food and drink items prepared at home and it becomes difficult to control the tongue. That’s all I was going to talk about. Enjoy everything at the fair. But also take care of the limit in food and drink because high intake of sweet and fried food has a lot of impact on health as eating sweets and spicy food increases sugar and blood pressure. Which has a direct effect on the kidneys.

However, incidents of stubble burning also increase at this time. This time also the previous year’s record has been broken which is also very harmful for kidneys. According to health experts, the toxic ‘silica particles’ released from the skin reach the kidneys and cause dangerous diseases. Undoubtedly, according to a study, the mysterious kidney disease is spreading in India, Sri Lanka and America. This is because these ‘silica particles’ reach the kidneys. This means another addition to the already existing enemies of the kidney. Now in such a situation it has become even more important to take care of the kidneys. For this it is necessary to sweat every day. Then what are you waiting for, let’s go straight to Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev.

Kidneys will stay healthy, take care

Exercise 45 minutes daily.

Don’t let sugar and BP rise.
Drink 3-4 liters of water a day
Avoid smoking

In case of kidney failure

Exercise will save your life.
The risk of death will be reduced by 38%

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Avoid 5’S’, kidney will stay healthy.


Avoid kidney disease

Control your weight
Do not smoke
Drink more water
Do not take junk food.
Do not take too much pain reliever.

Useful in kidney stones.

Sour buttermilk
Kolat dal
Barley Flour
Stonecrop leaves

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Kidneys will remain healthy.

Gokhru water
Rabbit in water
Boil and cool

once a day
Drink gokhru water.

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