Sussanne stole Hrithik’s heart at first sight, declaring for divorce before his 13th birthday

Suzanne Khan Unknown Facts: He is quite active on social media. She is in the headlines for her looks and beauty. She is not an actress but her fame is not less than any actress. Actually, we are talking about Suzanne Khan, the daughter of famous actor, producer and director Sanjay Khan. Suzanne was born on 26 October 1978 in Mumbai. In the Birthday Special, we introduce you to Suzanne’s life and her love life.

Suzanne Khan does this.

Let us tell you that Suzanne’s father is a famous actor and film director. At the same time she got married to Bollywood’s handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan. Despite this, Suzanne was not far away from the film world. Actually, she is a famous interior designer, but she is often in the news for her glamorous looks. Suzanne did a course in Interior Designing from Brooks College, USA.

Neena did such a pairing with Hrithik.

You may be surprised to know that Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan first met at a traffic signal. Actually, Hrithik was driving one day. At a traffic signal, he saw a beautiful girl in the driving seat of another car and fell in love. That girl was none other than Suzanne Khan. Hrithik was then surprised when Sussanne also attended her sister Sunina’s engagement party. Here both of them started talking for the first time and the series of meetings also started.

Seven days before the 13th birthday, the relationship broke up.

Hrithik Roshan proposed to Sussanne with a band instead of a ring, which she immediately accepted. On 20 December 2000, Hrithik broke the hearts of his millions of female fans by choosing Suzanne as his partner. On 28 March 2006, Hrithik and Sussanne became parents to their first child and on 1 May 2008, a second visitor came to their home. While the whole world was praising this relationship, Sussine and Hrithik announced their separation from each other. That date was December 13, 2013, seven days after their 13th wedding anniversary. This news surprised everyone. Despite being separated, Hrithik and Sussanne are often seen supporting each other for their children.

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