Nitin Gadkari said- Farmers will get houses for 5 lakh rupees, preparation of smart village

Nitin Gadkari- India TV Hindi.

Nitin Gadkari.

Speaking to the media in Nagpur on Friday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that he is preparing for a smart village. Under Smart Village, farmers will get a house for Rs 5 lakh. Farmers will have their own plot and bungalow for Rs 5 lakh. He said that he is bringing such a project that lifetime electricity and water will be provided free of cost at home. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that BioCNG and BioLNG are produced from Parli, 36 projects have been started and 186 projects are under implementation.

What did you say on the suicide of farmers?

About farmer suicides in Vidarbha, Nitin Gadkari said that about 5000 sugarcane farmers have started sugarcane production, the situation has become very strong, those farmers have become debt free. Work is in progress on how to increase orange production. Work is also underway on how to increase the yield of oranges, soybeans and cotton per acre.

Bringing new technology will make the farmers prosperous

Gadkari said that work is being done on how to produce 15 to 20 quintals of soybeans per acre and what kind of seeds are required. It is also being worked on how cotton can be grown up to 25 quintals per acre. Nitin Gadkari further said that there are some shortcomings, some mistakes, some land problems, some water scarcity, by overcoming these problems we will make the farmers prosperous and empower the farmers by bringing new technology.

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