The third ‘World Hindu Congress’ will be held in Bangkok, gathering more than 3000 people.

Organization of the third 'World Hindu Congress'.  - India TV Hindi.

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Organization of the third ‘World Hindu Congress’.

This year, the third big ‘World Hindu Congress Conference’ is going to be held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. More than 3000 people from 50 to 55 countries are coming to participate in the Third World Hindu Conference known as World Hindu Congress. The conference will discuss the business values, creativity and leadership of the Hindu community across the world in various fields such as educational, organizational, economic, social, religious etc.

Conference on this date

The World Hindu Congress will be held in Bangkok for 3 days in the month of November. Various issues will be discussed in the presence of around 3000 people from November 24 to 26. Let us tell you that this program is organized by World Hindu Foundation. The first World Hindu Congress was held in Delhi in 2014 and the second conference was held in Chicago, USA in 2018. The third event has been delayed due to Corona.

This will be the theme.
The theme of the 3rd World Hindu Congress Conference is ‘Jesya Ayatnam Dharma’. It means ‘religion, the basis of victory’. In this conference, discrimination, atrocities and violence against Hindus in different parts of the world and ways to deal with it will be discussed as well as the achievements of Hindus in different fields.

The attraction of Hindu consciousness
This conference will gather people from all the countries where Hindu organizations work. The conference will have Hindu-centric discussions on various fields like economic, social, religious, political, educational etc. Earlier, about 2400 delegates had come to the Chicago meeting. In which heads of many countries of the world also participated.

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