Accused’s death in police custody, family uproar

A man died in custody at Barkheda police station in Pelibhit district on Friday, after which his family accused the police of brutally beating him. The deceased has been identified as 40-year-old Bashir Khan alias Pehlwan.

He was detained by the police on the complaint of his wife and died in custody under suspicious circumstances. His family alleges that he died due to police beating. A complaint has been lodged with the police on behalf of the deceased’s brother Jameer.

However, the police have denied receiving the complaint. On the whole incident, Police Area Officer (CO), Basalpur, Satish Shukla said that the post-mortem of the deceased was conducted by a panel of doctors and the entire process was videographed.

He said that further action will be taken after the investigation based on the complaint received from the relatives and the post-mortem report. According to Shukla, around 20 cases of serious crimes, including murder, murderous assault and cases under the Goonda Act, have been registered against Khan in Pelibhait and nearby districts.

There, according to a complaint lodged with the police by the deceased’s brother Jameer, Khan’s wife had filed a complaint against her husband at the Barkhera police station on Thursday, alleging that he had illicit relations with another woman. Has relationships.

Jameer claimed that based on Shabana’s complaint, the Barkhera police detained Khan late on Thursday night from Paharganj village in Balsanda police station area. It is alleged that as soon as Khan opened the door, the policemen dragged him out of the house and started kicking and punching him.

The police took the accused to Barkhera police station. Jameer has claimed that his brother was bleeding from the mouth at the police station and was lying unconscious in the lock-up. After that, as soon as the accused’s death was reported, the family members reached the police station and started rioting.

Meanwhile, the police force from several police stations was called to the spot to deal with any situation. Barkheda Police Station categorically rejected all the allegations in this case saying that the accused is a vicious criminal.

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