The market has been scattered for 2 weeks in a row, now the challenges are ahead… Find out how things are going to play out!

The last two weeks have been disastrous for the domestic stock market. Barring a few days, the market has lost nearly every day over the past two weeks. Now the new market week starts from Monday 30 October. Let’s see how the market will be in the new week.

Good rise on Friday

First of all, if we talk about the last week, the market was losing every day except last Friday. On Friday, October 27, the Sensex gained 635 points or 1.01 percent to close at 63,782.80 points. Similarly, Nifty was up 190 points or 1.01% at 19,047.25 points. Earlier, the market was falling for 7 consecutive days.

Widespread reduction

The market had registered a decline of more than 3 percent in the seven days prior to Friday. While the Sensex fell by 3.18%, the Nifty fell by 3.17%. During the week, the market witnessed a massive decline. All sectoral indices were in losses. The biggest loss was in media and metal.

Due to these reasons the market fell.

The Sensex had fallen nearly 3,300 points in the seven-day loss. During this period, mid-caps saw a decline of 6.4% and small-caps of 5.1%. The Sensex had fallen over 800 points during the week ended October 20. Over the past few days, factors such as FPI sell-off, weak second-quarter results, record rise in bond yields in the US and war in West Asia have weighed on the market.

Fear about this thing about the market

Talking about the coming days, many factors are going to come together to decide the market movement. Seven IPOs are being launched in the market during the new week. It is likely that the second quarter results will be weak. If Israel starts a ground operation against Hamas in Gaza, there is a risk of increasing the scope of the war. Apart from them, there is pressure on global markets. Overall, the market is likely to remain under pressure during the new week.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. As an investor, always consult an expert before investing. never advises anyone to invest money.

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