Kajal falls in love with Gautham while telling her life stories, both are movie love stories.

Kajal Aggarwal’s Love Story: First he showed the essence of his acting in South cinema, then he created the magic of acting in Hindi cinema as well. Although she flirted with several actors in several films, her romance in real life was purely filmy. We are talking about Kajal Aggarwal, one of those veteran actresses, who made Gautam Kichlo her partner on the same day.

The first meeting was arranged by a mutual friend.

Let us tell you that the love story of Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kichlo is no less than a movie story. Actually, their love started as friendship as in the movie. Their first meeting was arranged by a mutual friend. Both liked each other’s company so much that they remained friends for seven years.

This is how love entered the relationship.

You will be surprised to know that Kajal and Gautam’s friendship grew to such an extent that both started spending a lot of time with each other. When they realized that love was mixed with friendship, they started dating each other for about three years.

That’s how I felt love.

Before marriage, Kajal and Gautam used to meet each other daily. In fact, they were among those couples who liked to talk together every day. When there was a lockdown in the country due to the Corona epidemic, their meeting also stopped. In such a situation, they realized that they cannot live without each other. After that, Gautham proposed to Kajal very simply, to which Kajal also agreed. Gautham meets Kajal’s family to seal the relationship. Within two months, they got engaged and the two got married on 30 October 2020.

Wedding preparations were done on video call.

Kajal Aggarwal was married during the Corona period. It was very difficult to prepare for marriage in such a situation. Kajal had told in an interview that for her wedding, Manish Malhotra opened his store and invited his artisans to make a wedding dress especially for Kajal. Apart from this, Kajal’s entire wedding preparations were done on video call.

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