Toxic air continues to wreak havoc in Delhi-NCR, with AQI exceeding 300 in many areas.

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Pollution of Delhi

New Delhi: Along with the mild winter, severe air pollution has started taking its toll in Delhi-NCR. There is a blanket of smoke in the air. There is a burning sensation in the eyes. All day it seems like we are sitting next to a furnace. AQI has crossed 300 in many areas of Delhi-NCR and is said to rise further. According to experts, the level of pollution will worsen after Diwali. The atmosphere of the capital is becoming toxic day by day.

According to SAFAR, Delhi recorded a cumulative AQI of 322 on Monday morning. This level belongs to the poorest class. AQI was recorded at 309 on Sunday. Along with this, the neighboring city of Noida recorded an AQI of 324. According to data released by SAFAR-India on Monday morning, the entire NCR has AQI above 300 ie in the very poor category. In Gurugram too AQI crossed 300 today. Today, Monday, the AQI here was recorded at 314, which is in the very poor category.

AQI has crossed 300 in most areas of Delhi.

Along with this, AQI has been recorded above 300 in most areas of the capital Delhi. Delhi University area recorded AQI 354, Indira Gandhi International Airport T-3 area AQI 324, Lodhi Road 311 and IIT Delhi area AQI 314 in very poor category and Mathura Road AQI 334 in very poor category. . . However, the government is running several campaigns to reduce pollution in the capital, including the Red Light On Engine Off campaign. It is believed that with the way the pollution levels are increasing day by day, the government will soon implement this across Delhi.

    Delhi, Delhi-NCR, Delhi Pollution, Air Pollution

Image source: PTI/File

Pollution of Delhi

Avoid early morning walks or runs – Dr

The air quality index has touched 300 in most places in Delhi. Due to which people are facing many kinds of problems. Due to increasing pollution, people are getting sore throat. Pollution is the reason why people’s eyes are red. At the same time, the doctor also says that we should avoid early morning walks or jogging considering the increasing level of pollution. This pollution is having a bad effect on the elderly and children.

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