A statue of Lord Vishnu unearthed during excavations in UP, crowds gather to see it

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Image source: India TV
During the excavation, an idol of Lord Vishnu was found

An idol of Lord Vishnu has been discovered during excavations in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh. As soon as he got out, a crowd of villagers gathered here. As soon as the villagers found the idol, they started worshiping it. This case is being reported in Chant Ferozepur village of Puranpur police station area of ​​the district. According to the information, a water tank is to be built here and excavation work was in progress for this purpose. However, it is not yet known how old this idol is.

Construction work was going on

In fact, the construction of a water tank is going on in Chant Ferozepur village of Tehsil Puranpur, here the workers were busy digging when suddenly a yellow metal was seen in the pit. When the workers removed the surrounding soil, they were shocked. A golden idol of Lord Vishnu was found there after which the laborers stopped working and the news reached the villagers living nearby. After which the pooja also started here. Seeing the idol, the people there are now talking about building a temple.

Engaged in village worship

Villager Rampravesh Rathore said that a water tank was being built here for the convenience of the villagers, during this excavation the idol was found. After that, villagers came here and hundreds of villagers started worshiping Lord Vishnu.

(Reporting by Pankaj Dev Singh)

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