Karela juice absorbs the bad cholesterol accumulated in the veins, obesity will also be reduced, make this drink like this

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Bitter gourd juice lowers bad cholesterol.

In today’s busy life, people forget to take care of their health. Due to which we often fall victim to many diseases and many diseases surround us even if we don’t want to. These days people are suffering from bad cholesterol. Elevated cholesterol levels simultaneously bring about several heart-related diseases. In such a situation you should start consuming bitter gourd in your diet to reduce bad cholesterol. Generally no one likes the vegetable of bitter gourd. Any number of spices can be used to mask the bitter taste of this vegetable. But still we hesitate before eating it. But we all know that bitter gourd is very beneficial for health.

Make bitter gourd tea like this

Bitter gourd tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Bitter gourd tea is an herbal drink made by steeping dried pieces of bitter gourd in water and sold as a medicinal tea. Bitter gourd tea is available in powder or extract form. It is also known as guhya tea and can be easily prepared at home. Unlike bitter gourd juice, bitter gourd tea is made using its leaves, fruits and seeds at the same time. You can drink this herbal tea twice a day. Cholesterol levels can be reduced with this special bitter gourd tea. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. Bitter gourd has anti-inflammatory properties and phytosterols that lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body.

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Benefits of bitter gourd juice

Drinking bitter gourd juice helps in internal cleansing of the body. By which a person gets relief from many diseases. However, it is so bitter that it is not easy for everyone to drink.

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