Surnames heavy on names in MP: Dada, Bhabhi, Baba, Pinto, Chinto and Golu are also contesting elections.

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Like every other time in the elections to 9 assembly seats of Indore district of Madhya Pradesh, popular surnames of important candidates have overshadowed their real names. From social media to campaigning in the field to slogans and speeches, these nicknames have become prominent. In the Indore election season, most of the BJP and Congress candidates are known to the general public less by their real names and more by their surnames. BJP candidate from Indore-1 Kailash Vijayvargiya is called “Boss” by many of his local supporters, while sitting Congress MLA and candidate from this seat Sanjay Shukla is addressed as “Sanju Bhaiya”.

Mahendra Hardiya’s nickname is ‘Baba’ and Satyanarayan Patel’s nickname is ‘Sattu’.

Candidates include IndoreBJP MLA from Indore-2 Ramesh Mandola is known as “Dada”, BJP MLA from Indore-4 Malini Lakshman Singh Gaur as “Bhabhi” and BJP from Indore-5 as “Bhabhi”. MLA Mahendra Hardiya is popularly known as “Baba”. Although the real name of the Congress candidate trying to topple the bastion of Ramesh Mandola aka “Dada” in Indore-II is Chintamani Chokse, people know him only by his nickname “Chinto” Chokse. Similarly, Satyanarayan Patel, who is contesting in Indore-5 as a Congress candidate against Mahendra Hardiya alias “Baba”, is called “Sattu” Patel.

Clash between Pinto Joshi and Golu Shukla in Indore-3

Rao seat, which covers both urban and rural areas of Indore, is also dominated by candidate names. Rao’s incumbent Congress MLA and party candidate Jitendra Patwari is called “Jeetu” Patwari, while the BJP candidate standing against him is known as “Madhav” Verma instead of Mahadev Verma. Talking about candidates for Indore-III, the main contest in this area of ​​the city with its traditional bazaars is between ‘Punto’ Joshi of Congress and ‘Gulu’ Shukla of BJP. However, Pinto’s real name is “Deepak Joshi” and Golu’s real name is “Rakesh Shukla”.

Surname added to original name while filing nomination.

Deepak Joshi aka Pinto said, “Sometimes I laugh at being called Pinto. Although people love my surname, I have no problem being addressed as Pinto.” Rakesh Shukla alias Golu said, “I have been called Golu since the beginning of my political career. I like this nickname because it was given to me by my parents.

Many candidates in Indore have added surnames to their real names while filing their nomination papers for the November 17 assembly polls so that there is no confusion when voters press the button on the electronic voting machine, officials said. be There should be no scope regarding the identity of the candidate.

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