Zeenat Aman was surprised to see the condition of the set on the first day, she asked – ‘But where is the glamour?’

Zeenat Aman Instagram Post: Zeenat Aman has been making headlines ever since she debuted on Instagram. She shares something every day. She also keeps sharing old stories related to her professional and personal life with her fans. This time, Zeenat Aman shares her first day experience on the sets. She told how she was shocked to see the set on the first day. He has also shared a picture of himself from that period. This was in the 1970s.

Zeenat Aman shared her throwback picture on Instagram. This is a black and white photo. Sharing the picture, Zeenat Aman wrote – dry hair, raised collar and lots of shine. This picture must be from the 80s. It was one of those test shoots that was done for fun and the jacket was my most prized possession.

Shared seat experience
Janam Aman further wrote that I go back and tell you an incident. When I first walked onto the set in 1970, I looked around and was stunned. It was quite sad. Wires were strewn all over the floor, heavy camera machinery stood on rusty trolleys. People were giving instructions and shouting. I didn’t think of anything like that.

Where’s the glamour?
I asked him – but where is the glamour? My director OP Rohan smiled and said – Babusha, you are glamorous.

Zeenat Aman started his artistic career in 1970. Zeenat initially did several films but she did not become famous through them. Zeenat Aman got real recognition from the film Hare Ram Hare Krishna. In this film she appeared with Dev Anand.

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Zeenat Aman

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