Air fares are expected to be cheaper on the festive season as the price of air fuel drops drastically, ATF becomes cheaper.

ATF rate cut: The festive season is going on in the country and on one hand the prices of commercial LPG have become expensive, on the other hand the domestic oil marketing companies (OMCs) have also given relief. The reduction in ATF or Aviation Turbine Fuel prices has been implemented from November 1 today. The prices of jet fuel or aviation fuel in the country’s capital New Delhi have become cheaper by Rs 6,854.25 per kilolitre.

Know how much ATF rates have reduced from today.

ATF prices are released on the website of state-owned oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). ATF price in Delhi has come down to Rs 1,11,344.92 per kiloliter from today. Last month in October, its rate was Rs 1,18,199.17 per kilolitre. Thus it has decreased by Rs 6,854.25 per kilolitre. If seen this way, ATF prices have decreased by 5.8% compared to last month.

Find out how much ATF prices have been reduced in your city.

Kolkata The ATF rate has come down to Rs 1,19,884.45 per kiloliter and has become cheaper by Rs 6,812.63. In October, these prices were Rs 1,26,697.08 per kilolitre.

Mumbai The price of ATF in India has come down to Rs 1,04,121.89 per kiloliter and has become cheaper by Rs 6,470.42. In October, the rate was Rs 1,10,592.31 per kilolitre.

Chennai ATF price in India has come down to Rs 1,15,378.97 per kiloliter and has become cheaper by Rs 7,044.95. In October, the price was Rs 1,22,423.92 per kilolitre.

The new prices will be effective from today.

The new ATF rates are effective today from 1st November 2023. ATF prices edged lower after rising for four straight months. In September 2023, ATF price in Delhi was Rs 1.12 lakh per litre. The oil marketing companies (OMCs) had given a big shock by raising the prices of aviation fuel in October and ATF prices in the capital Delhi had increased by Rs 5,500 per kiloliter or 5.50 per cent compared to September. After the increase in the price of crude oil, the price of ATF was seen to rise, but this month there has been relief from the decrease in the price of ATF.

The price was increased on September 1 as well.

An increase in ATF prices was also recorded on September 1. Aviation fuel prices were hiked four times in a row, including the increase in aviation fuel prices in the month of October. Also on July 1, oil companies had increased the price of ATF by 1.65 percent.

Cheaper ATF is expected to reduce airfares during the festive season.

With the onset of November, people have started going home in large numbers on the occasion of Diwali and Chhath. In such a situation, it is expected that the impact of the reduction in the price of aviation fuel will be reflected in the air fares and it is believed that the airline companies can pass on the benefit of cheaper ATF to the customers.

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