Why did Narottam Mishra sing the song ‘Gali Huzur Ki To, Lagga Do Jesi’? Watch the video.

Candidate Narottam Mishra from Datia seat.  - India TV Hindi.

Candidate Narottam Mishra from Datia seat.

Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh are less than a month away. BJP and Congress leaders, who are trying hard for victory, are leaving no chance to target each other. In such a situation, the state home minister and BJP candidate from Datiya assembly seat, Narottam Mishra, has targeted his opponent and Congress candidate in a film style.

Sung a song from the movie ‘Lavars’ from the stage

BJP leader Narottam Mishra visited the rural areas of Datia Assembly. Meanwhile, they held meetings and targeted the Congress candidate. Narottam Mishra recited lines from the film Laawars from the stage on the allegation of abuse against Congress candidate. He said, “Insulting, sir, the prayer sounds – even if we read the prayer, it is abusive.” Watch the video-

Angry with Congress

Narottam Mishra mentioned various works of the state government in road meetings including Ladli Lakshmi Yojana, Ladli Brahman Yojana and Sambal Yojana. Enumerating the development work done in Datia, he told the villagers that the Congress candidate was MLA for ten years, his father was MLA for 25 years, but he does not tell us about his development work and They abuse us. Narottam told the people that when they (Congress) come to you to ask for votes, you should ask them what development work they have done in the area.

Voting on this date

According to the announcement of the Election Commission, the elections for 230 Assembly seats of Madhya Pradesh will be held on November 17 in a single phase. The results of this election will be released on December 3 along with the results of assembly elections in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mizoram. (Report: Narrator)

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