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Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.  India TV Hindi.

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Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, India TV.

The fire of the Maratha reservation movement in Maharashtra is now growing. After Bed, Dharashiv, Sambhajnagar, Pune, Mumbai, now the protests have started in Nagpur, Nashik too. On the other hand, the government’s efforts are ongoing. An all-party meeting was held on Wednesday, with all parties agreeing that the entire Maratha community should get reservation. The government is also ready for this but the difficulty is that this work cannot be done immediately. It will take time to do this and Manoj Jarange and his friends who are dying are not ready to give time. Manoj Jarange has announced that he will stop drinking water if the government does not take a concrete decision on the reservation issue. The government has appealed to them to give up their stubbornness. Manoj Jarange says that if the government cannot immediately make the Maratha community a backward caste and give them reservation, it should immediately order all Marathas to issue kinship caste certificates, so that they belong to backward castes. Can start getting reservation from quota. The government is ready for it. All the district officers have been directed to extract the old records and submit the old documents, so that the Marathas’ kinship certificate can be issued. This path is difficult. Backward class leaders started saying that they were in favor of giving reservation to the Marathas, but it should not be at the cost of the rights of other castes. The problem is that the government cannot increase the reservation limit beyond fifty percent. If this happens, the movement will be over but the issue of reservation will be stuck in court once again. That is why Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that the government wants to find a way through which the Marathas get permanent reservation and the protesters should understand this so that the matter does not get stuck in the courts. Shinde said that the government is not against the movement but it will not tolerate violence in the guise of movement, the agitators should keep this in mind.

Now the question is what will be the way out of it? How will the movement end? Marathas will get reservation or not? If you get it, when will you get it? How long will it take and why? What are the legal barriers to giving reservation? In the all-party meeting, Sharad Pawar suggested that the government should address all the shortcomings as soon as possible, fulfill the necessary conditions that led to the Supreme Court’s ban on Maratha reservation last time. In the meeting, all the parties expressed their concern over the violence and appealed to the protesters to exercise restraint. All the leaders asked Manoj Jarange Patil to end the fast, but Jarange rejected the appeal in the evening. Manoj Jarange refused to give time to the government. He said that last time the government asked for 30 days, it gave 40 days, now Eknath Shinde should come and tell what he did in 40 days. Manoj Jarange said that now he will not break his fast before the implementation of Maratha reservation, the government calls a special session of the assembly and passes the reservation law. On the demand of calling a special session of the Assembly, in the all-party meeting, Maharashtra Advocate General Virender Saraf said that even if a special session is called, there will be no way out because the state government alone cannot do anything about it. Case. Now the question is that if the state government cannot do anything immediately, calling a special session of the assembly will not do anything, then what is the way? This is where the talk stops and politics starts here. Now the central government is being implicated in this matter. It is being said that if the central government wants, the Marathas can get reservation immediately. Modi government should enact a law and increase the maximum limit of reservation to 50%. Opposition leaders are also claiming to be with the government and are also attacking the government. On the other hand, the problem before the government is that it cannot speak against the Maratha reservation and the violence on this issue must be stopped.

While it is true that there has been a lot of violence in Maharashtra in the past three days, the reports of violence and arson have stopped following the government’s tough stance. Although the protests are taking place, the movement continues and on Wednesday there were demonstrations in several new areas. All the leaders start the conversation by saying that this is not a matter of politics, but after that they all do politics. Although it is clear that the Shinde government had asked the protestors for 30 days for Maratha reservation, they gave 40 days but Shinde Sahib could not prepare in this matter. Similarly, he also delayed calling the all-party meeting. If these things were done earlier, the violence could have been avoided. But it is also true that this time Sharad Pawar and his party leaders worked to fuel the Maratha reservation movement. Their aim is to implicate the central government in this matter. That is why their people are repeatedly saying that if anyone can give reservation to Marathas then the central government can. They want to kill two birds with one stone. Sharad Pawar and other leaders like him who are fueling the Maratha reservation movement have their eyes on the 15% Maratha vote bank, but in the last two days they have realized that if they are going to focus so much on the Marathas only. So the backward classes will react. The number of such castes is more than 50%. So the requirement of politics is that 50% cannot be offended in the name of 15%. Now the leaders of the backward classes have started to demand their rights. So this matter has become more complicated. Eknath Shinde seems to have neither the understanding nor the experience to resolve this issue. They are somehow trying to avoid the whole issue. But is it too late? It cannot be avoided. (Rijat Sharma)

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