America is getting a lot of help from these countries including India, its dependence on China is decreasing.

Relations between the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China, have not been normal for a long time. The two countries have come face-to-face dozens of times in the last few years on various issues including trade and technology. In such a situation, the US is trying to reduce its dependence on China in terms of imports. These efforts of America seem to be successful and it is getting good support from other friendly countries including India.

Focus on the Indo-Pacific.

The Secretary of the Treasury (Secretary of the Treasury) of the United States recently spoke about this. He said that America is constantly trying to reduce its dependence on China. For this, America is promoting its trade with countries like India, Vietnam, Mexico. He said that America has historically given importance to the Indo-Pacific. The United States is committed to keeping the region open and free.

Thus the business increased.

He also presented the data in this regard. Trade between the US and the Indo-Pacific region has grown rapidly over the past decade and will reach $2.28 trillion in 2022, Yellen said. Despite the pandemic, U.S. trade with the region has grown more than 25 percent since 2019.

The iPhone started being manufactured in India

Let us tell you that America has faced difficulties on various occasions due to its dependence on China. Taking a lesson from this, the US is focusing on other options. This is why many American companies are moving their manufacturing and sourcing away from China. The move by Apple, the world’s largest company, to manufacture iPhones and other devices is part of these efforts. Many of Apple’s contract manufacturers have recently expanded capacity in India.

Help is being received from these countries.

Similarly, the US is also reducing its dependence on China for auto parts. In terms of electronics, India has got a great option while in terms of auto parts, the US is getting help from India as well as Vietnam and Mexico. Thus America is busy reducing its dependence on one country (China).

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