Billions worth of gold was found buried underground, the area was once the capital of the Pala dynasty.

Trillions of gold buried in the ground - India TV Paisa
Image: File Trillions of gold are buried in the ground.

India ever The golden bird is probably not called for nothing. Now there is concrete evidence of this. The process of finding large gold deposits one after another in the country is not stopping. In this connection, another big treasure has been discovered in which gold worth trillions is buried inside the ground. This gold was found in the region of Ascot, which was the capital of the Paul dynasty. We tell you that this place is located in Uttarakhand called Devbhumi. Now the efforts to extract this gold have also intensified.

Contract with Hyderabad company

A contract has been entered into with a company from Hyderabad to extract gold buried under the ground in the Ascot area, which was the capital of the Pal dynasty. The approval of the proposed extension is awaited from the central government. MLA of Didihat area and former cabinet minister Bishan Singh Chaufal gave this information while talking to the media in Pithoragarh. He said that in the geological survey conducted earlier, the distance from Ascot to Jaljebi and Ogla to Bhagichura is about 15 km. The geology of the area has confirmed the presence of gold, copper, zinc and glass. A Canadian company also conducted a survey. Earlier, a gold mining contract was entered into with a Canadian company to extract gold from the ground. The company completed the survey by developing several tunnels in the area. But, in the meantime, Ascot Sanctuary ran into trouble. Due to which the company had to stop its work. After that, an agreement was signed with the Hyderabad company.

Confirmation of gold, copper, zinc and glass

Bishan Singh Chowfal said that after the pursuit of the Ascot Sanctuary was resolved, a company from Hyderabad has shown interest in gold mining. A contract has been entered into with the company. A proposal for extension of previously approved leases for extraction of minerals like gold, zinc, glass etc. has been sent to the Central Government. Its approval is expected soon. As soon as the mining operation starts, there will be a big change in the economic condition of the area. Former cabinet minister Bishan Singh Chaufal said that the coming time will be for Pithoragarh district. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Adi Kailash and Om Pravat, tourists have started coming here in large numbers. Just as people from Haridwar to Badrinath, Kedarnath have benefited from the Chardham Yatra in Garhwal, the people of the entire district will benefit from Adi Kailas. He said that an action plan is also being made to improve the Tuaghat-Lipolekh road.

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