Girl breaks up with BF after receiving an expensive gift, but there is a twist in the story.

Why did the girl's relationship break up after receiving an expensive gift?- India TV Hindi

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Why did the girl’s relationship break up after receiving an expensive gift?

Today there is a case on the internet that you may have never seen before. In fact, one guy gave his girlfriend an expensive cruise ticket for her birthday. But instead of being happy, the girl got angry and broke up with him. After getting to know about this issue, people are also supporting him on social media. Let us tell you what this is all about.

Why did the girl break up?

In October, a girl posted on Reddit that she broke up with her boyfriend. The girl wrote in the post, ‘I asked him why he bought me a cruise ticket when he knew I was suffering from seasickness. She also knew that I had been preparing for the Rain Fair Festival for the past few months. On this issue, he said that he has always liked Cruise.

The girl further wrote that I came to know how rude he is. He doesn’t care if I ruin my birthday, what I want, or how sick I get, he loves the cruise so I should go too. After that I broke up with him. The girl also told that she is not accepting the breakup and she thinks that everything will be fine between us.

People supported

The girl shared the post on Reddit with an account called u/Helpful-Minimum8496, which quickly went viral. After reading this post, many people came in support of this girl and expressed their views in the comments. One user wrote that if the guy was neutral, the girl wouldn’t have to do this. The boy’s words show that he is rude. Another user wrote – So he’s still prioritizing his desires over your choices. And he’s like why aren’t you following him, what a jerk he is.

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