The news of the SP candidate’s abduction created a stir

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SP candidate’s kidnapping rumour.

Okra : News of Samajwadi Party candidate Ravi Sen Jain’s abduction spread like wildfire in the city late on Thursday evening. As soon as this information was received, panic spread throughout the city. Everyone is stunned after Roisin Jane doesn’t pick up her calls and later switches off her mobile. People also expressed fear of kidnapping of Ravi Sen Jain. However, the police later took Roisin Jain to the city police station where he confirmed that he had joined the BJP. However, a lot of anger is being seen among the SP workers after this entire incident. SP state vice-president Neeraj Yadav has accused Ravishen Jain of cheating the workers and the party.

In fact, there were even fears that Roisin Jain might withdraw his nomination in favor of the Bharatiya Janata Party. When he did not withdraw his nomination papers, pressure mounted on him. Samajwadi Party candidate Roisin Jain was not picking up anyone’s phone since afternoon. Later he switched off his mobile. When several family members and well-wishers of Roisin Jain did not receive calls, the news of Roisin Jain’s abduction spread on social media. After that, the Jain community began to surround the city police station. The police then became active and hurriedly took Roisin Jain to the city police station. Here, a frightened Roisin Jain said that he had returned to his mother party (BJP), while SP state vice-president Neeraj Yadav, who was present on the occasion, said that Roisin Jain was already associated with the BJP and a were A member of the Samajwadi Party, he has also committed fraud.

SP told BJP’s conspiracy

In this case, when Neeraj Yadav, state vice-president of the Samajwadi Party and ETER Assembly election in-charge, was spoken to over the phone about the entire incident, he said that there was a conspiracy by Roisin Jain to weaken the Samajwadi Party. has gone Samajwadi state vice-president Neeraj Yadav said that the Samajwadi Party was in a position to win in Bhind and Attar and the BJP was afraid that if the Samajwadi Party fought strongly here, the BJP would lose. In such a situation, Roisin Jain was included in the Samajwadi Party under a well-thought-out conspiracy by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Roisin Jain joined the Samajwadi Party in a well-thought-out strategy and has betrayed not only the party but all the voters of Bhind. Asked about the rumor of Roisin Jain’s abduction, Samajwadi Party state vice-president Neeraj Yadav said that Roisin Jain himself had admitted that he had gone to his old workers, the BJP people.

(Reporting by Parandesh from Bhand)

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