The officials were surprised to see the strange surname of the man, refused to give the passport.

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Passport not found due to strange surname

Nowadays everyone wants their name to be a bit unique and original. That is why some people change the name given by their parents. Although this change is only on social media, their documents still have the same old name. A man living in Cornwall, England, also had a problem with his name. For this reason, he also changed his name. But he changed his name only in his documents and not on social media sites. But this decision of his became a problem for him. In fact, when he applied for a passport, officials rejected him after seeing his surname.

What happened to the man?

Kenny, whose surname was Kennard, decided to change his name in 2016 to something funny and unique. After that, he changed his name and got a driving license. He then applied for a new passport when his passport expired in 2019. But seeing his strange surname, the request was rejected. The reason behind this was that it could lead to crime.

What was in the surname?

Now you all must be wondering how this person changed his surname to such an extent that he was denied a passport. ‘I decided to change my name to Fu-Kennard a few years ago,’ Kenny told a media house in 2019.

He added that once I get my driver’s license, what difference will it make to apply for a passport? But no matter how crazy I was, they turned me down because my name might be offensive or obscene.

The boy lodged a complaint

The person said that I wrote a complaint letter against him to his office, yet he did not change his decision. Even when I complained again, the decision did not change. I was informed that it was within their rights to refuse.

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