Voters remained silent ahead of the elections in Madhya Pradesh, the difficulties of political parties increased.

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Bhopal : Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh will be held on November 17. The candidates participating in the elections have also submitted their nomination papers. Now the time for submission of nomination papers has passed. Despite all this, political parties are worried. The main reason for the problems of political parties is the silence of the voters. Be it BJP or Congress, everyone is wondering who the people are leaning towards in this election.

Actually, there are many politicians who are contesting assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. But basically there is a tough competition between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on one side and the Congress Party on the other. In the middle of this conflict are several leaders of these parties who are angry with their party. Some of them have been accepted by the parties while some are contesting as independent candidates. There are still more than 15 assembly seats where rebel leaders are contesting. However, both the BJP and Congress parties are busy celebrating their respective rebel leaders.

The era of respect continues.

Not only are these parties going through a period of self-esteem among their leaders, but there is also concern about the mood of the electorate. Both the parties are still trying to feel the pulse of the people. Despite all these things, the ground feedback to the political parties is surprising. Voters are neither ready to criticize anyone nor speak in favor of anyone. In such a situation, both the parties are sure that the voters will be with them and they will occupy the seat of power.

What do political analysts say?
At the same time, political analysts believe that generally the attitude of the voters remains the same till the submission of nomination papers and withdrawal. However, this time the voters are more silent and they will take a decision only after assessing the manifestos, promises and candidates of both the political parties. So far it seems. Due to which the silence of the voters is feared to be prolonged.

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