Elush Yadav’s last location was found in this hotel in Mumbai

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Elush Yadav was last seen in this hotel.

Noida Police registered a case against Bigg Boss winner Alush Yadav yesterday. Elvish is accused of organizing a party where people were intoxicated with snake venom. Not only this, he is also accused of snake smuggling. An FIR has been registered in this case, but since the registration of the FIR, Elush Yadav is absconding.

Elush Yadav was last seen here.

However, recently Elvis’ last location has been revealed at Hotel Empresa in Mumbai’s Andheri West. It is being said that Eloish came to Mumbai from Alibag after shooting for his new show ‘Temptation Island’ and stayed at this hotel. But as soon as he came to know that a case was registered against him, he checked out of the hotel at 2 pm yesterday and since then there has been no trace of him. It was reported that Elvis had left for Delhi but could not be seen at the Mumbai airport either. Due to which it is being speculated that Alush is still somewhere in Mumbai. At present, the police are busy searching for them.

Elvish denied the allegations leveled against him as false.

Although Alush Yadav is absconding, he recently shared a video giving his reaction to the issue. In which he was calling all the claims false. He says that all the allegations leveled against him are false. He also said that he would cooperate with the Uttar Pradesh Police in this operation.

What’s the whole deal?

Let me tell you, foreign girls were also invited to Alush Yadav’s rave party according to the Noida Police FIR. Alush Yadav is currently absconding in this case, police said. Nine poisonous snakes have been recovered from the possession of the accused, who have been arrested by the police. A case has been registered against 6 named persons including Alush Yadav in this case. Now the police is busy arresting Alush Yadav. This case is of Sector 49 police station of Noida. In this case, on the complaint of the complainant (PFA-Animal Welfare Officer), Police Station Sector-49 registered a case against 6 persons, including Alush Yadav, for throwing a party at a banquet hall in Noida sector, police said. Is. 51 and are providing snake poison. Five accused have been arrested from the banquet hall while registering an FIR in this regard.

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