From AC to fridge and car…Indians are spending lavishly on these things during the festive season.

The festive season is in full swing across the country. Festivals like Dhanteras and Diwali are going to be celebrated during the next one week. Like every year this time too Indians are on a shopping spree during the festive season. A recent report has given information about the spending patterns of Indians. According to the report, this festive season, Indians’ spending on non-essential items like AC, refrigerator and car has gone up.

This increase is very high compared to last month.

The report was prepared by consumer data intelligence company Access My India. Axis My India has also released the latest edition of the India Consumer Sentiment Index. According to the index, the overall household expenditure of Indian families is increasing. 60% of families have increased such expenses. This is 7% more than last month. This shows that more families are now engaged in shopping during the festive season.

Fashion number one in terms of expenses

As Diwali approaches, people are becoming more liberal in spending, the index said. 25 percent of people surveyed said they are preparing to increase their shopping during the festive season. If we look at it category wise, fashion has come out as number one. 67 percent of people said they are spending on clothes and other fashion items.

Thus, the expenses of the families increased.

According to the report, 44 percent of families have increased spending on essential items such as personal care and household items. This is 1 percent higher than last month. While for 8 percent of families, expenses on non-essential items like AC, refrigerator and car have increased. Along with this, 37 percent of families spend on health and food related items. For 7 percent of families, spending on mobility has increased.

Purchases increase every year.

We tell you that the festive months are considered a golden shopping opportunity for different segments every year. Not only does the demand for food items increase on the occasion of festivals, but the demand also increases in many other sectors. Festivals are considered auspicious for buying gold silver, car bikes, home electronic appliances like TV-fridge-AC etc.

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