Kumaraswamy targeted Sivakumar for his alleged desire to become Chief Minister

Janata Dal (Secular) Leader H.D. Kumaraswamy on Saturday sarcastically offered that if Congress leader and Deputy Chief Minister D.K. If Shivakumar wants to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka, all 19 JD(S) MLAs will support him. The JD(S) state president wondered why the Congress needed to rope in JD(S) MLAs when it already had 136 MLAs in the 224-member assembly. Deputy Chief Minister and Congress state president Shivakumar is considered a contender for the post of Chief Minister. Kumaraswamy’s reaction comes amid Congress claims that several JD(S) MLAs are keen to join the grand old party. Kumaraswamy said in the press conference, “Why should I be an obstacle? Let’s do one thing. Let him (Deputy Chief Minister Shivkumar) become the Chief Minister tomorrow morning… I will give him the support of all 19 people (JD(S) MLAs).

He claimed that the Congress leader was standing in front of the JD(S) MLA with ‘requests’ and asking him to join the Congress. Kumaraswamy claimed that Congress leaders JD(S) MLA Agt. Deve Gowda was approached and offered to make him minister and also to do something for his son. He also claimed that JD(S) MLA Karima and others had also received a similar offer from the Congress. “You (Congress) have 136 MLAs,” asked the JD(S) leader. When you don’t have money to do development work with your MLA, what will you do by including us in your party?

However, Kumaraswamy expressed confidence in his MLAs, saying that none were willing to join the Congress. Responding to the JD(S) leader’s remarks, Sivakumar said that Kumaraswamy’s party is now aligned with the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), while the Congress has nothing to do with the NDA. “Let him (Kumaraswamy) break away from the NDA and then talk,” Sivakumar said.At present we have 136 seats and we have the blessings of the people of the state. Let him be a good opposition leader and correct the mistakes of the government where necessary.

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