The employee did not like to call the boss’s office, he lost the job worth crores in an instant.

India TV Hindi - The employee resigned as soon as he was called to the office.

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The employee resigned as soon as the office was called.

How hard is it to get a job these days? Even after completing good education, there are many people in the country who are looking for jobs but are not successful. Even if some people get a job after working hard, there is no guarantee that their job will stay. The man works hard every day to save his job. In this case, a unique case has come up, where when the boss called him to the office, the joy of the employee was endless. Finally, the employee said goodbye to his multi-crore job.

Millions of jobs were stopped.

As soon as Corona knocked, the whole world stopped. Schools, offices, shops, everything was closed. But how long will this series continue? So a solution was found that people can do their work sitting at home. In this regard, Amazon also instructed its employees to work from home. At first everyone found it difficult but gradually everyone got used to it. An Amazon employee got so used to ‘work from home’ that he thought it best to give up his multi-crore package when he was asked to come to the office to work.

What’s the whole deal?

Earlier this year, Amazon asked its employees to come to work in the office to help their business grow. The company also said that everyone was asked to come and stay close to the company. The logic behind this was that the entire team would stay close. About 2,000 employees opposed it.

According to media reports, Amazon also hired one person as a remote worker and asked him to relocate. But instead of shifting, the man decided to quit the job. The former Amazon employee lived in New York with his family and bought a house there. He said that to work in the company, he would have to settle in Seattle, 4,000 km away, which was not possible for him. So he quit the job.

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