Proposal sent to crush for college prom, girl’s response won’t let guy sleep.

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Boy wrote letter to crush for college prom

Be it a boy or a girl, it is not easy for anyone to talk to their loved ones. Everyone thinks that if I talk to my girlfriend, she will insult me. Due to this fear, people are unable to talk to their loved ones and keep smiling only seeing them from a distance. In some cases this fear is unfounded and in some cases this fear is justified. A man writes a letter to his girlfriend asking her to attend a college prom. But the girl replied in such a way that her nights of sleep would fly away.

Cleverness didn’t work either

Today, a letter is going viral on social media. You have probably never seen such a letter before. In the viral letter, a boy asks his crush to his college prom. To this he writes in the letter, ‘Hello Katie, you know you are my lover. will you come to the prom with me Circle whatever answer you have.

The person then has two answer options: yes and definitely yes. This person has done all he can to make his lover fall in love with him and not be able to refuse him. But her lover is two steps ahead of her. The girl refused by marking ‘no’ in the ‘know’ written in the letter.

Check out the viral post

What did people say in praise of Katie?

This viral post has been shared by a page named @PicturesFoIder on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). At the time of writing, the post had been viewed by 5.4 million people. After seeing it, one user wrote – Katie was already ready for it. Another user wrote – Katie is very smart. A third user wrote – felt bad for the brother.

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