The mother could not bear the death of her son, jumped on the burning pyre, then it happened…

Mother jumps on son's pyre - India TV Hindi

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Mother jumps on pyre due to separation from son (symbolic picture)

Madhepura: A mother in Singheshwar police station area of ​​Madhepura district of Bihar could not bear the separation of her son and jumped into the burning pyre. Although the villagers immediately rescued her, she was badly burnt.

The son hanged himself

The case is of Shiv Dayalpur in Sukhasan Panchayat. Here on Monday night, Sikandar Yadav’s son Karan committed suicide by putting a noose around his neck. The incident created a ruckus on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, after performing the last rites to the deceased, everyone returned. Karan’s mother somehow escaped from the house and reached the crematorium before the body was completely burnt. However, in the meantime, some people of the village saw him and they also started chasing him.

A woman with severe burns

The woman saw her son’s burning pyre on the pier and jumped into the pyre herself. The villagers showed haste and pulled him out of the pyre with great effort. They then rushed him to the hospital, where he is being treated. Doctors say that the woman has suffered more than 60% burns and her condition is critical. The police are now probing the entire matter.

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