Leaders’ reaction to reservation amendment bill being passed, know who said what?

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar - India TV Hindi

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

The Reservation Amendment Bill 2023 was passed in the winter session of the Bihar Assembly on Thursday. This bill was unanimously approved in the assembly. It is proposed to increase the scope of reservation to 75%. JDU minister is giving credit to Nitish Kumar after passing the bill, while RJD minister is giving credit to Lalu Prasad Yadav for this reservation amendment bill. JDU minister Madan Sawhney termed Nitish Kumar as hero and BJP as villain.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition Vijay Sinha said, “The BJP was with us in this decision, is with us today, with full support. The need to increase reservations never required a reckoning. Only 4.” percent of people earn more than Rs 50,000.People from a certain caste account for 15 percent of government jobs.

After the approval of the Governor, the law will be made.

The state’s main opposition party, the BJP, has also supported the bill. The bill will now be placed in the Legislative Council, from where it will be sent to the Governor after approval. After the approval of the Governor, the law will be made. The BJP raised questions over the non-mention of EWS reservation in the bill. On this, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Chaudhary said that the reservation for EWS will be implemented from another act. EWS reservation will continue to be applicable as before. Apart from this, Bihar Secretariat Services Amendment Bill 2023, Bihar Goods and Services Tax Second Amendment Bill 2023 were also introduced.

Reservation Amendment Bill unanimously passed in Bihar Assembly, these will be major changes.

What did CM Nitish say after the bill was passed?

After the bill was passed in the Bihar Assembly, Nitish Kumar said that with the consent of the House, all nine parties had gone to meet the Prime Minister, after which the caste census was conducted. The reservation has since been modified. Earlier there was a 60 per cent reservation arrangement comprising 50 per cent EWS and 10 per cent EWS. Now 50% has been increased to 65%. That is, the overall scope of reservation has now been increased to 75%. Nitish Kumar has also demanded the central government to conduct a caste census across the country. Along with this, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has reiterated the demand for special status in the House.

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