The first airstrike on Israel during the war with Hamas, 3 fighter jets came from this country

First airstrike on Israel amid war with Hamas - India TV Hindi

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The first airstrike on Israel during the war with Hamas

Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas continues. On the other hand, on Friday evening, for the first time, an air attack was carried out on Israel from another country. On Friday night, 3 planes from Lebanon infiltrated the Israeli border. One was intercepted by an IDF aerial defense array, while the other two were reported to have fallen to the north. According to the information, 3 fighter jets took off from the Lebanese border for the air strike and entered the Israeli border. Hezbollah is a Lebanese terrorist organization. Along with Israel’s counterattack on Hamas, Hezbollah terrorists from Lebanon are also attacking with rocket launchers and sometimes missiles. Meanwhile, there was an air attack on Friday evening as well. It is a different matter that the Israeli Air Force foiled these attacks.

Israel continues to attack Gaza.

On the other hand, Israel is continuously attacking Gaza. Along with air attacks, ground attacks are also being carried out. Due to the Israeli attacks on northern Gaza, there is a lot of fear among the people of Gaza. Thousands of Palestinians fled the area around Gaza City’s main hospital on Friday. Hospital staff accused Israel of carrying out repeated attacks in and around several hospitals throughout the night. Large numbers of people migrated south amid Israel’s dangerous aggression. Meanwhile, Gaza authorities said that the number of Palestinians killed in the war has exceeded 11,000.

Residents of Gaza are worried about the bombing.

Thousands of Palestinians fleeing the war zone in the north converged on Gaza’s only highway on Friday after Israel announced a corridor for safe passage, but the search for safety in the besieged enclave would have been increasingly desperate. is going Thousands of people who have migrated south in the last few days are facing continuous bombings and terrible conditions. The overnight attacks in northern Gaza highlighted the danger to thousands of people who had gathered in and around hospitals, hoping they would be safe.

We don’t want to rule Gaza but… know what Netanyahu said?

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a big statement during the Israel-Hamas war. Prime Minister Netanyahu has clarified Israel’s plan regarding Gaza. “We don’t want to rule Gaza,” Netanyahu said, but “I think the Israeli army is doing exceptionally well in Gaza.” The prime minister rejected a ceasefire in Gaza on Thursday, saying the army was performing “exceptionally well” but that Israel was not planning to retake Palestinian land. He told Fox News that a cease-fire with Hamas would mean surrender. There is no “time table” for a military attack. No matter how long it takes, we will do it.

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