What a tragedy of war, the newborns had to come out before completing 9 months of pregnancy.

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Gaza Hospital (symbolic photo)

The greatest destruction of Israel-Hamas war is on children in the womb. According to statistics, more than 40 babies were delivered prematurely due to the war in just one hospital in Gaza. However, life is not ready to embrace him. In fact, the hospital where these children are admitted has now completely run out of electricity and fuel. Due to which 2 newborns have died. Now the shadow of death hangs over the lives of 37 other premature babies. This tragedy of war has wreaked such havoc on the fetus in the womb that tears will come to your eyes knowing it.

GAZA: 37 premature babies are trapped in a hospital in Gaza as the Israeli army prepares for a rescue operation. At least 37 premature babies may have died after a Gaza hospital’s neonatal ward was closed due to a power outage. Medical charity Physicians for Human Rights Israel said two premature babies had died and 37 others were “in real danger” at al-Shafa Hospital in Gaza City. “I fear that if we leave these children in this unit in this condition, we will let them die,” said Dr. Marwan Abu Saada, the hospital’s chief of surgery. “They were born premature anyway.”

The Israeli army is busy rescuing children

Dr. Marwan Abu Saada said the children wrapped in blankets needed intensive care, artificial respiration and life-saving equipment. Adults are lined up on beds in a surgical theatre. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said over the weekend that it would transfer the children to another hospital after al-Shafa’s doctors pleaded for a rescue. The IDF said it discovered a cache of weapons hidden in a nursery in Gaza. On Saturday morning, Israeli soldiers discovered a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosives in a nursery in northern Gaza.

The Israeli Armed Forces posted a video on social media in which a soldier from the 551st Brigade shows off the discovered objects. “Over the closet and under the bed we turned around we found two huge explosive charge blocks, shaped like a charge attached to a tank.” The soldier said that two sacks full of ammunition were also found, whose name and rank were not disclosed.

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