Mizoram: Refugee migration has resumed due to fresh fighting in Myanmar.

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Guwahati: A contingent of the army’s Assam Rifles met with village heads and civil society group leaders in Mizoram townships near the Myanmar border. Also discussed the situation in the neighboring country, let us tell you that the People’s Defense Force (PDF) of the military junta is fighting insurgents in Myanmar. If sources are to be believed, this latest fighting has opened the way for another wave of Sino-Kuqi migrants from Myanmar via Mizoram.

Mizoram assembly elections were held recently.

Let us tell you that the Mizoram assembly elections were held on November 7, the results of which are yet to come. Current Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramathanga has accepted more than 32,000 refugees from Myanmar in recent years, citing family and kinship reasons. Sources further said that hundreds of refugees have fled to the border villages of Mizoram due to the firing between the Janata Forces and the PDF, the armed wing of Myanmar’s National Unity Government.

Assam Rifles officers spoke.

Assam Rifles officers met village headmen and representatives of civil society group Young Mizo Association in Champai district of East Mizoram. According to media reports, more than 100 Myanmar families have taken refuge in Zokhawthar village in Champai district of Mizoram.

32000 people took shelter

If the sources are to be believed, since February 2021, more than 6000 refugees from Myanmar have arrived in Zukhawthar village. About 32,000 men, women and children from Myanmar have taken refuge in several districts of Mizoram since the Myanmar military recaptured the country in February 2021 following a coup. Let us tell you that 6 districts of Mizoram – Champai, Seha, Langthalai, Sirchhap, Hanathial and Sithole – are connected by a 510 km long international border with Myanmar’s Chin State. The Assam Rifles is responsible for guarding this border (India-Myanmar border).

There was violence recently

Recently, Mizoram’s neighboring state of Manipur has seen intense ethnic violence between the hill-dominated Chin-Kuki tribes and the valley-dominated Metis over shrinking land, resources and political power, with refugees and illegal immigrants between them. The number of homelands increased rapidly. Went to India.

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